November 26, 2014

Free Fire Escape Evaluation

Fire Escape Inspectional Services are happy to offer a free fire escape evaluation and answer questions about the procedures in your state for getting your fire up to code and certified.


Please use this form to upload photos of your fire escape components and we will contact you with a free fire escape evaluation.

OR you could email us with a description of your fire escape situation and some photographs and we will contact you for a free fire escape evaluation.

Please email us at info(at)


1) If after your free fire escape evaluation it is determined that you require a full inspection then schedule a fire escape inspection by a Design Professional or other acceptable to Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and submit the inspection report to the owner and the City / Fire / Code Official (AHJ).


2) Review the submitted inspection report: If the fire escape passes inspection , go to step 3 OR perform repairs then go to step 3.


3) Fire Escape Certification or Load Test: Perform a fire escape Load Test (100 PSF) then submit a fire escape confidence test OR submit an opinion affidavit with disclaimer of liability OR submit a certificate of other evidence of strength in lieu of a Load Test, CERTIFICATION. 


Thank you


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