November 27, 2014

Fire Escape Inspection Reports


Who is authorised to do fire escape inspections? 

Only these Professionals are licensed to do fire escape inspections: 

registered engineer in your state


registered architect in your state


licensed or certified fire escape inspector


others qualified and accepted by fire/code official

INSPECTION:The purpose of Evaluating, Inspecting or Load Testing a Fire Escape System is to assure to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) that the Fire Escape System will perform as needed during an evacuation of the building i.e. during an emergency.  The first step in determining the status of a fire escape is always a Visual Inspection and Walk Thru of the entire Fire Escape System by a Design Professional (or Others acceptable to the AHJ).


This visual assessment is limited by what can physically be seen and depends on access to all components of the fire escape. (Rust and other structural defects must be stress tested or x-rayed to determine strength) An example of this is interior verification of the wall plate and thru bolt (wooden structures) or exterior verification of connections that attach the fire escape to the building by drilling holes of 8-12 inches around some or all of the masonry connections.  This activity usually requires scheduling of more than one visit to inspect and verify exterior and interior Fire Escape Components. 


There must be proof in the form of a Report with photos demonstrating to the AHJ that all the components, such as treads, railings, supports, grating and other moving parts of the entire Fire Escape System are 100% free of internal rust. Surface rust is not part of this evaluation in that it requires scrape and paint to cure it. 


Once the Design Professional reviews the Fire Escape Inspection Report with the AHJ, the AHJ will accept the report’s recommendations to either Load Test, Certify or accept the Design Professional’s Opinion Affidavit with disclaimer of liability. 


All Design Professionals (or Others Acceptable to AHJ) should verify their credentials with the AHJ to assure that the Report will meet the Industry Standard.  Also, repair criteria, how to address all violations on the Fire Escape System, should be provided to the AHJ. 


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Free Evaluation – If you have a fire escape inspection report from a Design Professional or if you email us photos of your Fire Escape Components we will give you a free Evaluation




Once we receive an inspection report done by a qualified and approved Design Professional  OR once we receive photographs of the fire escape system ( if it can be done safely by owner/agent – 2 to 4 photos of each fire escape component and 4 to 8 of the full fire escape), we will schedule a 15 to 30 minute review with one of our senior Inspectors who will explain verbally what would be required to remove any code violations and bring the fire escape system to certification status.  The free evaluation is a free verbal review and does NOT consist of any written statement or report. 

Pass/Fail Report A Pass Fail Report includes a site visit, full walk through of the exterior and interior (if needed), photo documentation and write up of the findings of the fire escape system’s inspection.  If the fire escape system passes inspection, is up to code standards, then a Load Test is performed or a Certification / Opinion Affidavit is issued and submitted to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).  If the fire escape system fails inspection then further testing is required with additional documentation including repair criteria and possibly Engineer Oversight if required by code.  Permits required for fire escape maintenance are at the discretion of the Building Code Official after he reviews the Inspection Report.  Code may require construction control by the design professional due to the size of project. 

Fire Escape Inspection Report

Fire Escape Inspection Report

with inspector summary video and violation slideshow  A Full Fire Escape Report requires an inspection visit at which time the owner/agent can use the $100 off Coupon towards the cost of the inspection.In rare cases and for a fee, we can provide a non-binding opinion letter based on photos of the fire escape system but subject to verification by a full inspection and official report. 



Full Bid Package Report

A report package which details each code violation in photos and description, documented for the purpose of getting bids on the repairs required to bring the fire escape system up to code.

Fire Escape Components

We can work with the vendor you choose to assure fire escape repairs are done as per code criteria and ensure certification.   

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